Palliative Care

This is a subject that some will find difficult to discuss. In this day and age we all have a choice about where we wish to die, and for some that is at home. If your loved one chooses to die at home, of course you will have palliative care nurses to help you, and your local doctor. Hospital at home can attend as with the district nurses.

We at G&J Care will support you and your loved one through this difficult time, ensuring that they are comfortable, pain free and are given as much fluid and diet that they want. We would be able to pick up any prescriptions that are needed.

Not only will we take care of your loved one but ensure that you are eating and drinking, ensuring that you are getting enough sleep.

When the time comes and you are needing to grieve we will take our cue from you, whatever you wish we will never interfere, but when our help is needed we will give help in a calm, peaceful way. We will stay with you until we are no longer needed.


Personal Care
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