Personal Care

Personal Care is anything personal to you. This can be showering or bathing, assisting to use the toilet. Helping to clean teeth or dentures. Applying make up and perfume and for the men assisting to shave and applying after shave or shaving balm.

Helping to get into and out of bed, getting dressed in clothing that you have chosen.

Helping to style hair, and if needed or wanted accessing a hairdresser of your choice or one that is known to the business.

Nails to be cleaned, and if there is no medical reason for us not to do so then nails will be cut. If clients want nail polish or a more professional nail and hand service then one can be called of your choosing, alternatively one can be called that is known to the business.

If a male client wants a male carer then of course we will accommodate.

If a female client wants only female carers then we will accommodate.


Personal Care
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